Orvieto and its Surrounding Areas

The restaurant Le Grotte del Funaro is located in the charming medieval quarter of the city of Orvieto in front of the church of San Giovanni with its small square that opens to a beautiful panoramic view.

The church of San Giovanni like the oldest church of Orvieto San Giovenale, a typical example of a church with the dual functions of religious building and military outpost.

This part of Orvieto represents just one of many facets of the Umbrian city and its historical past which starts from Etruscan times and continues to the present day. In the thriving medieval period Orvieto was a perfect example of powerful Free Comune extending its territory to the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Even in Etruscan times Orvieto was very important city, as reflected in the many exhibits and sites present on the cliff (tempio del Belvedere, necropoli del crocifisso del Tufo and necropoli-santuario della Cannicella) and the recent excavation under way at the Campo della Fiera from which is emerging a vast archaeological site in many identify with the big federal sanctuary of the Etruscans (Fanum Voltummnae).

The testimonies of the Middle Ages are themselves symbols of the city such as the Duomo, Palazzo del Popolo and the Torre del Moro. Other monuments that deserve mentioning are the Renaissance St. Patrick’s Well, the Rocca Albornoz and the church of Sant’Andrea adjacent to Town Hall.

The restaurant Le Grotte del Funaro, with its picturesque “underground” caves reveals another interesting feature of Orvieto: its subterranean dimension, its subsoil is full of tunnels, caves and passages some of which have become historic attractions; Pozzo della Cava and Orvieto Underground.

Not far from Orvieto and within a short drive are beautiful villages and attractions of nature and culture as Civita di Bagnoregio, Bolsena lake, Torre Alfina and the territory of Tuscia, Todi and Città della Pieve in the neighboring province of Perugia, and finally San Casciano dei Bagni, Montepulciano and Chianciano Terme in southern Tuscany.

The territory of Orvieto for all of its characteristics is also ideal for outdoor sports, trails by foot, trekking routes and mountain biking. For more information on itineraries in Orvieto visit: www.orvietoviva.com.

Orvieto 17 October 2016